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Terms and Conditions

In the spirit of keeping Green Lexi a credible resource for the public, we have implemented our business listing submission quality and authenticity mandate. By clicking submit, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You are an authorized representative of the company you are submitting. Listings submitted by persons not employed by or authorized by the submitted company may be removed.
  2. A user may only submit one listing. If you represent multiple companies, you may be allowed to submit additional listings if you can demonstrate that you have authorization.
  3. You assert that you have permission and authorization to submit this listing.
  4. You acknowledge that Green Lexi makes no claim of warranty or guarantee to the accuracy of your listing.
  5. Submitting this listing is not a guarantee of approval or appearance in our business listing, advertisements, or featured promotions.
  6. You and your firm agree to hold Green Lexi harmless in the event of any claim, judgement or court action brought against you or the firm you represent should such an event occur.
  7. You consent to give Green Lexi authorization to use any business information you submit for marketing and promotional purposes on both and outside it.
  8. You consent to give Green Lexi authorization to share the submitted content and information publicly.
  9. You assert that the information and content submitted is accurate and up to date.
  10. You agree to notify Green Lexi within 30 days of any changes related to the information and content submitted, or your listing may be removed.
  11. You acknowledge that your listing may be removed at any time by Green Lexi, without notice.
  12. Submitting a business listing will automatically enroll you in Green Lexi’s free newsletter.
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