Welcome! We are, Artez & Dorinda Young,

a husband and wife team with an excitement for entrepreneurship. We have a genuine desire to see businesses succeed and grow. When a community supports its people, the opportunity for stable and healthy neighborhoods increase. Greenlexi plays a pivotal part in helping socially-conscious consumers and quality Black-owned business to connect with each other. 

Greenlexi is an online directory paying homage to Victor Hugo’s (The Negro Motorist) The Green Book. The Green Book was a guide that allowed Black Americans to travel not only safely, but with dignity during the time of segregation in America. We are thrilled to create a modernized bridge that will bring black-owned businesses and consumers together, building towards a better tomorrow. 

Building Community One Relationship at A Time

Our goal at Greenlexi is to help bring back the greatness and vibrancy of commerce to areas that once thrived and to help create new places where great Black-owned businesses can serve those who are in search of them.

Supporting black-owned businesses assists the entire economy.

Black-owned businesses are more likely to hire minority workers, some of those most affected by unemployment.

  • From 2012 to 2017, minority-owned small businesses grew by 79 percent.

  • From 1997 to 2015, the number of businesses owned by African-American women grew an amazing 322 percent (making them the largest growing group of entrepreneurs at that time).

Mission & Vision


Encourage vibrant business activity, growth, and sustainability in under-developed communities by creating a network linking small, mid-sized, and large businesses, knowledgeable professionals, and the people they strive to provide excellent products and services to.


Facilitate an enterprising business environment that encourages lively and healthy communities driven by social consciousness. Philosophy/ Value Statements:

- A Commitment to encouraging growth of community through relationship building on the basis of trust.

- Serving others creating their success by encouraging growth individually and collectively

- Spurring community economic vibrancy by promoting an environment of excitement and support to members of the village.

- Develop a spirit of adventure by encouraging entrepreneurism in depressed and areas that are experiencing transitional growth in business

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Providing a vibrant environment that connects consumers with quality black-owned businesses.

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